“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ~ Aristotle




Welcome to Lyd on Life, a personal blog written by Lydia, created for those on a journey to self-discovery, self-improvement and unconditional self-love. I’m glad to have the opportunity to share with you my experiences and the many things that I’m learning daily so that one day I can be I the voice I wish I had for someone else.


Not sure I’d call my self a blogger just yet but we’ll go with that!

I’m a twenty something year old software engineering graduate living in London. I graduated in 2015 and now have the daunting task of taking on adulthood. Yay me! I’m scared but I’m excited.

From 9 till 5 I work as a project manager but in the evenings I transform into a “blogger”. Like Superman but without the cape or powers. Just a laptop, a camera, and a few things on my mind.

I share my experiences in work, love, faith and the many things I’m learning throughout my womanhood in hopes that maybe one day the thoughts and experience I share will be the voice I wish I had to someone else.

Who knows…

For now though, I’m writing for an audience of one; me!

Not only do I want to express I also want to learn. To learn about myself, the rest of the world and how the two fit together.

So I welcome you to my little world of love, laughter, pain and growth.

I feel there is going to be a lot in store so enjoy the ride with me.

Lydia x


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The disclaimer

This is a personal blog and any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to myself, Lydia, the blog owner. Feel free to challenge me, disagree with me, or tell me I’m completely nuts in the comments section of each blog entry, but I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason whatsoever (abusive, profane or rude comments) – so keep it polite, please.