“A lifestyle change begins with a vision and a single step” ~ Jeff Galloway


Welcome to Lyd on Life, a lifestyle blog written by Lydia, created for those on a journey to self-discovery, self-improvement and unconditional self-love. From finding love and going through the motions to building a career and preparing for the future. I share with you my experiences and the many things that I’m learning in my day-to-day life as I pursue my idea of happiness.


I’m not sure I can call myself a blogger (yet) but I’m going to anyway.

“Call those things which are not as if they were” ~  (Romans 4:17).

My name is Lydia, a twenty-four-year-old London based software engineering graduate. I work as a project manager for a start-up software development company, my first post grad job.

Why software engineering? I don’t know. I liked computers so thought why not. However, after leaving university 2 years ago I knew programming wasn’t for me. At least not hard-core programming anyway. So if software engineering wasn’t what I wanted to do after graduating, what then?

I don’t know and I still don’t know. I’m winging it. Aren’t we all?

When the project manager role I’m in came along, I could only thank God. I was unqualified,  unprepared and uncertain about my abilities for this role. But it was exactly what I needed. I was ready to take the next step after university and move on forward into the business world. Start building a career.  I had to be brave and go for it.

So I did.

A few months later I did something else I was completely unprepared for. I created this blog. A place I can share my small knowledge and wisdoms on life and life’s challenges which might be useful to someone. From beauty and entertainment to career and relationships. I hope this blog can be a place where you come for inspiration, motivation and comfort, but mostly, a place that reminds you that you’re not alone.

I really, really hope you like it.

Lydia x


Twitter: @lydonlifeblog
Instagram: @lydonlife

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