Product Review | Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

“Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time” ~ Linden Tyler



Welcome to Lyd on Life

So, I’m having a bit of a pamper day today. Everyone needs one of those every now and then, right?

I’m going to Venice next week and wanted to treat myself to a little me time to relax. Candles are lit, jazz music is playing, had a relaxing shower (I don’t do baths) and sipping on vodka and apple juice (switching it up a bit).

Head-to-toe t l c with no one at home but me. Feels good, really good. With all this time to myself I thought why not try out some of the new products I bought from Superdrug yesterday.

Recently, I’ve been keen on improving my skin care routine to get my skin to where I want it to be. No spots, no large pores, no acne marks or rough skin. Just smooth, soft, spot free skin. How realistic that is I don’t know but I’m doing what I can to get there.

One of the things skin care products I bought yesterday that I wanted to try was the L’Oreal Detox Clay Mask and the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask.

I used the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask after using the L’Oreal Detox Clay Mask as my face was feeling a little dry and needed some moisture back in to it. If you haven’t read my review for the clay mask go ahead and check it out before reading this review.

OK, let’s get into the review.


I used the pink Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask which claims to:

  1. Intensely hydrates
  2. Comforts and soothes
  3. Skin feels softer


I used the Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix night pads to wipe my face after washing off the L’Oreal Detox Clay Mask then placed the tissue mask on. It was a little messy putting it on as it was folded up inside the packaging. It wasn’t too messy but could be packaged a little better in my opinion. It would also be helpful if they placed a label on where the front and back of the mask was on the mask. I couldn’t find the packet it came in when I was applying the mask and if it wasn’t for the YouTube video I saw before buying the mask I wouldn’t have known what I was doing.


It felt really cooling and refreshing to my face the moment I put it on. I didn’t want to take it off. The mask stayed on without any issues or slipping off. I could move my face comfortably and there was no irritation at all. I liked how it felt on my face. Not sure about how it looked though. A little scary don’t you think? Maybe it was just me.


Removing the mask was easy (wish everything in life was that easy). I peeled it off and gently messaged the excess serum left on my face with my hands. My skin felt hydrated, soft and really refreshed. I could totally do another mask. After a while (30 minutes or so) my face felt like it needed a little bit more moisture so I used my daily moisturiser from Nivea Soft. I’m not sure if you should add a moisturiser on top of the serum or not but I felt like I needed to.

Would I use the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask again?

Yes, defiantly. I think I’m going to add this to my weekly skin care routine. If only they did this for your body.


I’d give this product a 9/10. The price was good, the product did what it said it would do and it was easy to use. What more could you want? I’d highly recommend trying it if your skin is dry or dehydrated. I’m really impressed with this mask so I might see what the other products from their Moisture Bomb range are like. I’ll definitely be trying their other 2 moisture bomb masks.

I think using the moisture bomb mask every week and drinking at least 1.5 litres of water a day should get my skin to a healthier and more hydrated place. I hope. We’ll see.

Your turn…

Have you tried the tissue bomb before? What were your results? Would you recommend it? What other product from this range have you used? Would you recommend them?

Get in touch, tweet me @lydonlifeblog or share your questions, experiences and tips with everybody in the comments.

Till next time.

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Product Review | L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask

“Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life” – Renée Rouleau



Welcome to Lyd on Life

I love skin care.

With skin problems such as mild acne, large pores, hyperpigmentation and a whole list of other impurities I could do without, I need to love skin care. However, my solution has always been to cover it up with make up or invest in cheap skin care products from the local beauty shop that are usually no good.

It’s a battle I’ve been having since puberty. Now that I’m in my mid-twenties, I can afford to invest in better quality products and take the steps needed to get my skin to where I want it to be.

The first step I took was to stop wearing make-up to work. This was a big step for me but it was something I needed to do to truly start this healthier skin journey I’m on. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to go a week with no make-up at all and still feel as confident as I do with make-up. Baby steps.

The second step was to invest in better skin care products. I’ve always been into skin care but never spent the money needed on good skin care. I’d always look for a cheaper alternative. This worked for me sometimes but more often than not I either didn’t see any results or things get worse. Much worse.

So, last week on my usual trip to Superdrug I decided to buy the L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask. It was on offer and I’ve heard Patricia Bright mention it a few times as part of her skin care. I’m a fan of hers and since she liked it, I thought why not try it. It being on offer for £5 also helped.

I’m going to Venice next week to celebrate K and I’s 2 year anniversary so wanted my skin to look as good as it can be. Is it normal for non-married couples to do that? Anywho, this was a bit of a risk for me as things could go completely left and I end up with a face full of goodness know what days before my holiday. But I have faith that God won’t do me like that.

OK so let’s get into the review.

LOreal has 3 masks in their pure clay range – a purity mask, a detox mask and a glow mask. The detox mask is used to detoxify and clarify the skin


L’Oreal claim that by using the detox mask, you should see instant and lasting results:

  1. Immediately – skin is pure and cleaner
  2. In one week – Skin feels fresher and luminous
  3. Use after use – skin can breathe and is visibly transformed


The clay smells nice and isn’t too thick or too runny. It’s easy to apply and feels lovely on the skin as you apply it. I applied it using my fingers and I felt a slight tingle or stinging sensation. This could be due to the fact that my face had just been washed and I didn’t have any product on it so it was very dry. I usually get that feeling when I wear face masks so it wasn’t alarming. Does that happen to you? Or it could have been all the impurities getting rattled. Who knows.

I applied it all over my face avoiding the eyes and mouth area and waited for 15 minutes. It says you should leave it on for 5-10 minute but I got carried away writing the intro for this post I lost track of time. It wasn’t uncomfortable when it was drying and I was able to speak without feeling like my face is about to crack.


I decided to use warm water as I don’t like using cloths on my face unless I’m patting my face dry. It took about 5 minutes to get everything off and there was no mess in the sink. Yay!


My face didn’t feel that different to how it felt before putting the mask on. I did feel as though there was residue on my face (a waxy kind of feeling) but nothing alarming. My face wasn’t as dry as it was before but it still felt dry so again nothing significant to rave about.




Well I’m not sure what they mean by that. My spots were still there. I even found a new one but I wouldn’t put it down to the mask (probably time of the month approaching). I wouldn’t say my skin looked or felt pure either (whatever that means). I could see the pores around my nose and my skin looked pretty much the same as before. So no it didn’t purify and clear my face immediately. Perhaps I’ll notice a different over time.

The box didn’t say what I should do after the mask so I used the Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix night pads and then put the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask. My face has been really dry lately and since it was a pamper yourself kind of day for me I thought why not.

Would I use the L’Oreal Detox Clay Mask again?

Well It cost me £5 and I still have a full jar left so yes, I would. A little bit of the products goes a long way which is nice. Nothing bad happened to my skin so I’ll probably use it for the next 3 days before going to Venice and see if anything amazing happens. If I like what I see I’ll continue using.


I’d give it a 5/10 since it didn’t really do what it claimed it would do immediately. However, it didn’t break me out and I might see results after continued use so I can’t completely disregard it. After a week, I’ll give an update on whether I experienced any noticeable difference. If I do, I might invest in their other 2 masks.

Wish me Luck!

Your turn…

Have you tried their clay masks before? Which one of the 3 have you tried? What were your results? Would you recommend it? What other clay masks have you tried? Would you recommend them?

Get in touch, tweet me @lydonlifeblog or share your questions, experiences and tips with everybody in the comments.

Till next time.

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Hair Removal| How to Use Nair Down There…

“Things aren’t weird, they’re just different, and different isn’t bad,” ~ Lori Duron.



Welcome to Lyd on Life

When it comes to hair removal I say do whatever you feel like doing that day. I did.

I got my first bikini wax last year. I was going on holiday which would require the occasional bikini on show so I thought why not. It can’t be that bad, right?

And I was right, it wasn’t that bad but it was still bad. Was it worth it? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes. Would I do it regularly? No.

The problem with waxing for me is that the frequency I need it done in, isn’t worth the price. Not only is it expensive but finding an appointment when you need it can be hard to come by. Now I know websites such as wowcher and groupon have deals for waxing but I’m not a fan of placing the fate of my vagina in someone else’s hands without a recommendation from a friend. A true friend. Unfortunately all my friends think like me.

My bikini area isn’t on show enough for me to justify spending £30-£40 every month on grooming it to perfection.

There’s always shaving, right?

Yes, but the bumps, cuts, itching and awkward hand thigh positioning are just not worth it. I tried it and I don’t think it’s for me.

So, my go-to solution when I’m too cheap to get a wax but in need of some feminine grooming is to use hair removal creams. Yes, I said it. I use the white stuff and I’m not ashamed of it.


Firstly, a quick word on how the cream works:

Chemical depilatory creams aka hair removal creams break down the chemical bonds between keratin proteins in the hair shaft. Though this leave the hair follicle intact (allowing the hair to regrow eventually),  it transforms the hair itself into a gelatine-like consistency. Your hair then becomes weak enough to be scraped off. Simples.

Now, before the anti-chemical police come for me I will say that it is dangerous to use such a product so close to a sensitive area like your vagina. However, with care, patience and a couple of tools I think you’ll be fine. I was.

So how did I do it?

Well, first you’ll need the following tools:

  • Scissors – to cut the hair
  • Scrubbing gloves – to exfoliate
  • Vaseline – to protect from burning
  • Grey underwear – to protect from the buring and see the hair better
  • Tissue (optional) – to protect from buring
  • Hand held mirror – to see what you’re doing
  • Hair removal spatula – to apply the cream and scrap off the hair
  • Hair removal cream (Nair) – to remove the hair
  • Stopwatch – to time yourself
  • Flannel – to wipe the excess
  • Oil (argon oil, vitamin e oil, olive oil etc) – to moisturise


Once you have those tools ready, follow the following steps:

  1. Have a warm to hot shower to open-up your pores and trim the hair using the scissors if it’s too long.
  2. Use the scrubbing gloves to scrub the pubic area (front and back). Don’t be too rough or too soft.
  3. Once scrubbed, come out of the shower and pat your pubic area dry.
  4. Go somewhere where you have good lighting and apply Vaseline on the areas you do not want the cream to touch i.e. your labia minor and anus area.
  5. Put on your grey underwear ensuring the front of your underwear is between your labia minor and the back is between your butt cheeks – a front and back thong so to speak. For extra protection of your labia minor and anus you can place some tissue in that area then use your grey underwear to hold the tissue in place.
  6. While standing up and ensuring your underwear is securely between your labia minor all the way to your anus, apply the hair removal cream to the areas that are not covered by your underwear at the front first. Use one hand to hold your underwear taut if you must and the other to apply the cream using the hair removal spatula. Start with parts furthest to the labia major then work inwards (avoiding the labia minor).
  7. Using your stopwatch, wait 5 minutes and test a small area (your bikini line for example) using the hair removal spatula. If the hair doesn’t come off and you aren’t feeling any tingling, wait 5 more minutes. I waited for 12 minutes total but that may be too much for some. Avoid moving whilst the cream is doing its work.
  8. When ready, go to the sink and use the hair removal spatula to scrap the hair off your skin. No need to be rough as the hair should slide off with ease.
  9. Once everything is scrapped off, run your flannel under some warm water and wipe any excess cream. Ensure all the cream has been wiped off before moving to your butt cheeks area.
  10. Using your handheld mirror and ensuring your grey underwear is between your butt cheeks, bend over and apply the hair removal cream on either side of your butt cheeks where you’d like to remove the hair.
  11. Follow steps 6 to 9 then step into the shower to wash your pubic area (front and back) using warm water and your flannel only.
  12. Once you are sure all the cream and hair is off, pat the area dry and apply any oil of your choice. Something natural and conditioning that won’t irritate the skin.

And that’s it.

I never said it would be easy, just cheaper.

The process took a total of 40 minutes from start to finish for me (including my armpits) but might take longer if it’s your first time. After 3 days, the hair started to grow back but I didn’t need to repeat the process till day 5 (I could wait till day 7 if I wanted to).

This is just one way that I choose to use hair removal cream. It has potential to be dangerous if not used safely. However,  if the steps are followed and done carefully you shouldn’t have any problems. Do your research and only try out this method if you are 100% confident you can do it. No pussies allowed. Joke.

This method will do for now till I find another solution or go on another holiday. Whichever comes first.

Your turn…

Which method of hair removal do you prefer, shaving, waxing or creams? What is your experience with those methods? Did you find this post helpful? Would you it? Can you recommend any other technique?

Get in touch, tweet me @lydonlifeblog or share your questions, experiences and tips with everybody in the comments.

Till next time.

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CONFESSION | I’m Afraid to be Seen Without Make-up

“Enjoy your body. It’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own ” ~ Kurt Vonnegut



Welcome to Lyd on Life

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m sat in bed with a thick layer of Sudo cream all over my forehead. Panic!

For the past week or so I started to develop some itching and dryness on my forehead. I didn’t think anything of it but once the skin on my forehead started to wrinkle and peel a little I got worried. I have no idea why but it just happened. I was so busy with work that I had no time to book an appointment with the GP and a part of me thought it would go away after a while. But I didn’t. It just got worse and covering it with make-up didn’t help.

My forehead is the oiliest part of my face. The make-up would slide right off throughout the day or get caught in the wrinkles and dry patches. It was horrible.

As much as I wanted to hide away in my room till my skin got better, I had work to do and life wasn’t going to wait on my forehead. So, I had to decide. Either keep walking around with patchy wrinkly make-up on my forehead or stop wearing make-up till my forehead got better. To some, this isn’t a big deal but for someone who’s been wearing make-up since they were 13, it’s a big deal. I couldn’t even go to the corner shop without eye-brows, concealer and foundation at least.

Like many people out there, when puberty hit, the beauty store or their sisters make-up was their place of refuge. Where you could make that dark mark from the spot you popped last night disappear or not look so bad. Unfortunately, they don’t tell you that it only gets worse the more make-up you use. Or maybe they did, I just didn’t get the memo. 13 years later I’m still trying to cover up old and new acne marks, uneven and dull skin. Isn’t puberty meant to be over already?


Dealing with problematic skins means you are constantly battling with your self-confidence. You wonder whether other people notice your imperfections the way you do. Sometimes they don’t but that doesn’t matter to you. Why? Because you notice them. It’s hard not to when you are so used to seeing your skin flawless when you have make-up. Once you wipe it off, all you notice are the things you tried to hide.

Unfortunately for me, I can’t hide this wrinkly dry forehead of mine. And the more primer, foundation and setting powder I put, the worse it looked. So I decided to stop before it’s too late. My skin was telling me it needed a break and my self-confidence was telling me it needed a boost. So I decided to listen to it.

I’ve spent years trying to love my skin until I was forced to. Till I caught myself preferring the marked up, uneven, dull skin I had to the one I could have if the itching and wrinkling persisted. I felt like I was developing eczema and would hate to think I spent all those years resenting my skin as if it was the worst it could get.

You never know what you have until it’s at risk of being taken away. So I decided to embrace what I have and learn to love it. Even if I wish it could be better. My skin may not be perfect but its mine and I should enjoy it. I shouldn’t be afraid to show it to the world.


One of my 2017 goals is to love the skin I’m in. Perhaps the universe was helping me take the first step to achieving that goal. By forcing me to bare my skin in a way I’ve never done before. To wear it with pride and appreciate it as it is. Scars and all.

I’m hoping not only will this help me figure out what is going on with my forehead but also help me feel more confident and comfortable going out without make-up.

I am beautiful with or without make-up. I need to believe it, not just say it. It’s going to take some time to reach that point of self belief and acceptance but at least I’m making small steps toward my goal. Actions speak louder than words.

Your turn…

How often do you go without make-up? Do you feel comfortable without it? How do you deal with some of your insecurities? What did it take for you to get to that place of accepting your insecurities?

Get in touch, tweet me @lydonlifeblog or share your experiences and tips with everybody in the comments.

Till next time.

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