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“If you were born with the ability to change someone’s perspective or emotions, never waste that gift – the ability to influence.” ~ Shannon L. Alder





Welcome to Lyd on Life

I can’t remember the last time I watched a TV show on an actual TV that wasn’t connected to some form of online streaming. Can you?

Like many other couples, K and I’s date night consist of catching up on the latest shows over a nice meal and a few drinks. Ever since he got his own place that’s kind of become our thing.

When we were both living at home we spent so much money going out just to have some alone time. But now that he has his own place we welcome the idea of a chilled night in as often as we can.It gives us the opportunity to catch up on all the latest TV shows which we often struggle to find time to do.

A study has found that couples who enjoy the same TV have a stronger relationship. I never knew binge-watching a TV show would be such an important part of a relationship. Did you?

It might not sound like the world’s most exciting or romantic thing to do but it’s a cheap and cheerful way of spending time together. Nothing beats cheap and cheerful!

So I thought I would share with you some of our TV favourites (despite never actually watching it on TV).

Here we go!

Game of thrones

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama TV series set in medieval times. It is an adaptation of a series of epic fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin’s called A Song of Ice and Fire. The first volume of the series being A Game of throne.


I was introduced to Game of Thrones at the beginning of last year where I spent a good number of weeks catching up to season five before joining everyone on season six. I’d heard people talking about it saying how good it was but to me it sounded like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter decided to make a TV show together. I wasn’t here for the fantasy TV but K managed to convince me to give it a try. At first I was a little put off by the constant nudity and violence from the very first episode. I felt it was a bit much but I have to hand it to them, the show didn’t waste any time getting straight to the point (and it definitely proved to be far from Lord of the Rings meets Harry Potter). The nudity and violence dies down later on in the series (which was good) but the story line and plot twists kept going. It took me at least 6 episodes of season one (and a lot of persuasion from K) before I decided to keep watching. Now that I’m on season 7, it’s safe to say I like it. All I can say is don’t knock it till you’ve tried it for at least 1 season.


Power is an American crime drama television series produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson who also stars in the show. The series follows the life of married nightclub owner and major drug dealer James “Ghost” St. Patrick as he struggles to balance his double life and desires to leave his life of crime.


I was introduced to power at the beginning of last year also but luckily K and I were both new to the show so we were playing catch-up together. Similar to Game of Throne, Power had a lot of sex and violence in the first season which I guess is there to grab your attention but again it was a bit much. Nonetheless I’d heard good things about the show and got into it after 3 episodes. Though 50 cent may not be the world’s greatest actor on this show, I’d say he did a great job in producing it. The storylines are just as intriguing and frustrating as the characters involved. I feel as though Power is one of those shows you have to see it to decide if it’s for you or not. As much as I love watching Omari Hardwick (who plays Ghost) and believe he is an amazing actor, Joseph Sikora who plays Tommy (Ghosts’ best friend) is definitely pulling his weight in this show. The storylines aren’t original but the way they have been written and played out are in my opinion. Again I say, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it for at least 1 season.


Insecure is a comedy-drama series based on Issa Rae’s breakout web series Awkward Black Girl. The show follows Issa and her best friend Molly (played by Yvonne Orji), two young black women living their everyday lives amidst a series of complicated and often uncomfortable experiences as young adults.


This show is a more recent one for us, having only started watching it a few weeks ago. Like the other two shows I mentioned, there’s a lot of sex in this but not as much. It does however have a lot of swearing but I hear that all the time in my office so it doesn’t faze me (not any more). This is why I love this show. Not the swearing part but the fact that I can relate to it. Two twenty something year old black women coping with their own flaws, relationship troubles and the general difficulties of young adulthood. It sums up what I hope my blog to be one day. From the first episode I was hooked. The insightful, raunchy and hilarious way which the characters and their world is introduced to us was perfect. I’m here for it! Issa and Molly’s friendship feels real and their lives are so relatable to you as a viewer. With sharp wit and an enthusiastic sprit, Insecure is undeniably more than a “black show” in my eyes. I’m only on the first season and I can’t wait to start on the next one!

And that’s it.

All credit goes to K as he is the one who introduced me to these shows and I love them. Hope you’ll like them too!

It’s been 5 months since my last review despite watching countless movies and a handful of TV shows. I know, shame on me right? However, I have missed doing these reviews a lot and finding out other people’s opinions on it is always interesting. So, I’ll be bringing them back over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for more!

Your Turn…

Have you watched any of these shows? If so, which ones? What did you think of them? What other cheap and cheerful ways do you spend time with your significant other? Do you have any other shows you would recommend?

Share your experiences, questions and tips with everybody in the comments below or get in touch with me via…

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Lydia x

MOVIE REVIEW | Logan (2017)

“Don’t be what they’ve made you” ~ Logan (Logan 2017)


Firstly, welcome to Lyd on Life

I’m a huge X-man fan. I think I’ve seen most if not all the X-men movies so it was only right for me to review one of their recent releases.

Logan. In the year 2029, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X somewhere on the Mexican border. However, Logan’s attempts to hide from the world are upended when a young mutant arrives.

Let’s get into the review.

Did I like the movie?

Of course I did! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would after seeing the trailer. I assumed it would be your typically father meets daughter whose just as angry and powerful as he is but surprisingly it wasn’t. The movie had enough action, emotion, drama and a strong story line to keep me entertained and talking about what the next X-men movie could be.

It most certainly wasn’t your typical superhero movie. It was more realistic than the others and made the X-men appear more like humans with special gifts rather than mutants with cool powers. Hugh Jackman does a wonderful job at playing a drunk and stubborn disappointment to the X-men legacy. You almost get angry with him at some point. You can feel he has given up on what the X-men stood for. It makes you wonder what happened for him to become so hopeless to the point of wanting to kill himself. Why it took so much convincing to finally get him to become the Wolverine we all love (even if it was only for a little bit). Guess I’ll have to wait for the next one to find out (if there is a next one).

Would I watch again?

Damn right! I always watch the X-men movies when they come on TV and this one will not be missed. Though I know the storyline and the ending, the action in the movie alone is enough to make me watch it again.

Overall Rating

Overall I’d give the movie a 9/10 because it’s more than just a superhero movie. Logan has characters which you identify with and whom you care about. There’s enough emotion, humour and action to keep you going throughout the entire movie (not just towards the end). The build up to the ending was great and it leaves you excited for what’s to come next in the X-men franchise. If you didn’t know about the characters shown you’d certainly want to find out. Dafne Keen who plays ‘Laura’ does a great job for someone with few lines. I’m curious to see what else she has to offer. The ending was sad but I won’t spoil it for you.

Next movie on my list is Get Out. The moment I watched the trailer I was convinced it would be worth watching. Will it live up to the hype? We’ll see.

Your Turn…

Have you watched Logan? What did you think of it? On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being the worse and 10 being the best), what would you give it?

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Till next time.

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MOVIE REVIEW | Split (2017)

“An individual with multiple personalities can change their body chemistry with their thoughts.” ~ Dr. Fletcher



Firstly, welcome to Lyd on Life

Can I say I’m a fan of James McAvoy even though I’ve only seen like 3 of his movies?

I’m gonna say it anyway. I’m a fan!

And as a fan, it was only right for me to watch Split and give me 2 sense on it.

Split. Three girls are kidnapped by a man with a diagnosed 23 distinct personalities. They must try to escape before the apparent emergence of a frightful new 24th personality.

So, let’s get into the review.

Did I like the movie?

Yes, I did. I enjoy thrillers that deal with mental disorders and James McAvoy depicts each personality so uniquely and different. I think that’s what I liked most about the movie, being able to see an actors’ ability to play so many different roles without the use of facial props and excessive CGI. Just him, some clothes and a bit of lipstick. The 24th personality called “the beast” was very good. I genuinely didn’t expect him to look or act the way he did. The movie had a bit of suspense and humour to …

What did I not like?

I won’t lie, the movie did take a while to build-up the anticipation. If you’re more of an action person rather than art person you might fall asleep (there was a guy yawning annoyingly as it he was being forced to watch it). I think the movie would have been more interesting if we saw Kevin a bit more as a pose to just seeing his other personalities. Having his childhood explained a little more would have helped us to know Kevin as much as we got to know the characters.

Would I watch again?

Probably not. I feel once you’ve seen it, the mystery and thriller disappears. However, I did take something away from the movie: Do we really know how powerful our minds are? Can we change our body chemistry with our thoughts? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. I might watch it again to see if I missed anything but not any time soon.

Overall Rating

Over all I’d give Split a 6/10 purely because of James McAvoy’s acting and the last 30 minutes of the movie where we got to see and understand the full extent of Kevin’s Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Next movie on my list is Logan. I am an X-man fan (obviously) so hoping it won’t disappoint. We’ll see.

Your Turn…

Have you watched Split? What did you think of it? What would you give in on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being the worse and 10 being the best)?

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Till next time.

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