Travel | 12 Tips to Planning Your First Holiday Together

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I’m back from Venice and boy have I caught the travel bug.

Whether it’s a nice city break or a lovely beach holiday, there’s nothing like taking a few days from your own world to see the rest of the world. The process of planning your holiday isn’t always so easy, especially when it comes to travelling with your partner.

June 28th marked K and I’s 2-year anniversary. We’re not married so I’m not sure if non-married couples celebrate anniversaries but we thought why the hell not?! We both love travelling and this was a perfect way to start our travel adventures together.

First stop, Venice. Why? Well, it’s the city of love, right? Or so they say. Plus, it was first on our ever-growing holiday bucket list.

If you’re planning your first getaway with your partner then hopefully this post will give you a few tips to help you enjoy your perfect holiday.

Let’s get started!

TIP 1: Do not commit to a timescale or budget you both cannot keep to.

There’s nothing worse than having one person feeling like they are out of their depth. You’re going on this trip together so your expectations of what you can afford and buy should be agreed beforehand. Be honest about your finance and give yourselves enough time to prepare. Compromising and communication is key.

TIP 2: Decide in advance how to split travel logistics.

After 2 years, K and I know each other’s strengths. I like finding hotels and he’s good at planning the activities. So, we agreed I would pay for the flight and hotel and he would sort out the spending money and activities. Every couple is different so it’s important to figure out what works for you early on.

TIP 3: Use customer review and tourist websites to plan your holiday.

Customer review websites can give you the real deal on hotels, food, culture, tourist attractions and pretty much everything you need for your holiday. We used to find our hotel and K used to find the activities in Venice.


TIP 4: Research the price range of food, travel and activities before you travel.

When we arrived in Venice, we spent €35 on a cab to the hotel. It may not sound like much but we could have saved €27 by taking a coach for 30 minutes. When you don’t have the luxury of taking out money whenever you want, it’s important to know how much you might be looking to spend before you get there.

TIP 5: Don’t exchange your money at the airport.

K forgot to exchange some of his pounds to euros so we had to do it at the airport. Don’t be like us! Change your money anywhere else BUT the airport. We actually lost 1p or 2p. It may not sound like much but every little helps when travelling. It’s better to exchange at your destination instead of the airport.

TIP 6: Get to the airport at least 3 hours before your flight.

No one likes to be in a rush or worry about missing their flight. If you arrive early enough you won’t have to. We got to the airport by 4:00am for our 7:30am flight. This was very early but we had time to check-in, have breakfast, freshen up and relax before our flight. Start your holiday with ease.


TIP 7: See what travel benefits your bank offers.

Travel insurance is very important and you should have it. But does your bank offer other benefits? Thanks to K’s current account with Barclays, we were able to use his DragonPass membership to access the lounge at the airport whilst we waited. Free food, free drinks, free Wi-Fi, TV and showers. Think I’ll get one too!

TIP 8: Avoid using your phone when you are around each other.

It’s so easy to get lost on social media while in the company of other people. This happens with couples too. Doing activities such as playing card games with each other can help you avoid the antisocial behaviour that social media brings. Plus, it helps kill time and keep you awake while you wait.

TIP 9: Familiarise yourself with your hotel location on the first day.

Getting to know the area you’ll spend your next few nights helps you plan and navigate your way around. Find where the nearest restaurants, supermarkets, bus, trains and local shops are as it will come in handy. Lucky for us, our hotel was within 10-15 minutes of all these places and a McDonald too. Winning!


TIP 10: Embrace the culture, food and language.

We all have our preferences. Whether it’s food, clothing, or the language we use, we like what we are familiar with. Going on holiday means putting all that aside for a minute to truly experience what the place has to offer. Try something new and if you don’t like it then at least you’ll know. Do it for the gram!

TIP 11: Relax and capture moments together.

That’s the whole point of going on holiday, right? To relax, explore and create moments. Share the responsibility of capturing moments and discovering a new world together. Find humour in every situation and don’t let the little things bother you. Love, laughter and memories are the only thing you should be making.

TIP 12: Keep your trip short, sweet with activities you both like.

Avoid setting a tight schedule because a holiday shouldn’t be a chore of things you have to do. Go with the flow and leave some room for doing nothing but relaxing together. No one wants to come back from a holiday feeling more tired than they left.


And that’s it. K and I’s first trip was a success and I’m looking forward to many more.

Hope you find these tips useful! A post on what we got up to in Venice is on it’s way.

Your Turn…

Have you been on your first holiday as a couple? How was it? What tips can you give for a harmonious trip?

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RELATIONSHIPS | 3 Gift-Giving Tips For Your New Relationship

“It is not the gift but the thought that counts” ~ Henry van Dyke



Welcome to Lyd on Life

Are first serious relationships as scary as everyone makes them out to be?

Last year I officially switched my relationship status from “Single” to “In a Relationship”. Mentally that is. I’m not into the whole Facebook Status PDA but that’s for another post.

In this post I want to discuss some tips on getting gifts for your significant other for the first time.

I’ve been in a relationship for just over a year and 5 months. It’s only now as we’re approaching our second Christmas together has it started to feel real and serious. Is that normal? You’d think at 24 years old I’d already know these things, but nope. I’m a relationship newbie. I remember panicking a little last year because it was our first Christmas and we’d only been together a few months. I had no idea what was Christmas appropriate in a relationship. Not to mention I had his parents to think about. If you’re like me then hopefully this post will help you out a little.

Being in a relationship is an exciting thing. You have someone who knows you deeper and sees you differently than your friends or family do. Someone to share and build your dreams with. Also someone to bring you food when you’re feeling lazy or PMSing. Relationships are great.

But being in one can also be daunting too. Especially a new one. You worry about everything. Not being good enough, saying the wrong things or doing the wrong thing. With your bags of infatuation and happiness, you wonder whether you’re moving too fast, too slow or not moving at all. It’s a lot of worrying. Some of it is unnecessary but it happens and you only realise it in retrospect.

Buying gifts is no different. Be it your first Christmas, first Valentine’s day or your first anniversary. What do you get your new significant other that’s undeniably romantic, but not too much or too little?

Being a newbie myself I thought I’d share some of the things I consider while buying gifts for my significant other:

Budget – Can I afford it? It’s all well and good to splurge on the people you care about but never at the expense of what you can afford. Have you budgeted for your family, friends as well as his family and friends’ Christmas gifts? Remember, that you are setting the standard for years to come. It’s ok to start nice and simple then work your way up. He or she will appreciate it if it came genuinely from the heart. If you got it wrong, there’s always next year.

Tact – Have I asked the right questions? It’s a new relationship so you’re not expected to know everything your significant other likes. Having regular conversations with your significant other to find out what they like and don’t like can help you find the perfect gift. Don’t wait till a week before Valentine’s day. Have those conversations way in advance and ask in a tactful way. “How comes you never wear a watch?” or “You smell good, what perfume is that?”. These questions can lead to so many answers and gift ideas. Before you know it you have your very own gift cheat sheet.

Thought – Does he need it? Getting someone something they want is one thing but getting them what they need is something else. Wants change more often than needs. If you get them what they need you are guaranteed they will make use of it. Last Christmas I bought my boyfriend some beard grooming products and aftershave. He wanted to grow his beard (#BeardGang) but couldn’t be bothered to find out what products would be good to use. So, I decided to create a beard pamper package for him. It truly is the little things that count in the long run. Let’s them know you listen to their needs.


And that’s it, that’s all I have so far. Think it’s good enough for now.

Whether you’re in a new relationship or a well-seasoned one, exchanging gifts is an important part of any relationship. It’s the selfless act of giving something to someone you love because you love them. Because you know them. Actions speak louder than words and if it’s from the heart it will be easy. Or at least easier.

Below are some interesting post I found on gift giving for your significant other:

Your turn…

Did you find any of these tips helpful? How do you decide what to buy for your significant other? How much is too much (or too little) when it comes to gifts?

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